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Cycle Addict: A Night Rider

One of my favorite types of rides is the Night Ride. These are particularly fun when there is a group of us. We typically like to ride along the seaside or along the Lochside or Galloping Goose trails. There is such a feeling of freedom and childhood fun when riding at night.

The key to night riding is the equipment. The right lights are a necessity, both front and back. Usually we get at least one rider who has the "Honkin Big Light". We usually put him in the rear so he can light the way for all of us. The distracting thing with that though is that we all keep thinking it is a big truck behind us.

Good reflective clothing is an absolute as well. I have been told that my jacket shows up extremely well. It is very bright in color with striped reflective tape lines on the back, arms and the front. Don't forget about the front. Oncoming traffic needs to see you just as well as the rear traffic. We have all seen some cool new reflective tubing that you put along the rim of your tires. Wow, those really show up well.

With all this talk of night riding, I think I need to plan one right now.

Safe riding!!!

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