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How We Work

We plan beautiful tours throughout Victoria that every participant can enjoy. How we operate is simple:

Choose the tour that suits you best, then go to the Contact page and fill out your information. We will contact you back and the journey will begin. Select a date and show up with your bicycle and enjoy an incredible tour. Or if this a last minute decision, go to the contact page and leave a message for a prompt response.


Need a bike and helmet? No problem! Trek Bicycle Store has offered a discount to our riders, so you can get on a bike and participate with ease. All of our tours start and end from the Trek store at 398 Harbour Road.

Interested but Need Different Dates?

If you are a group of four or more and require different dates than the ones available on the calendar, please contact us via email with your request and we will accommodate you as best as possible.

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Cindy Delaney,

Experience Cycling Owner,

Tour Leader,

Cyclista Aficionado