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Day Tours

We offer Cruise Ship tours with a pick up and drop off right at the terminal if needed.We will customise your tour for any time frame and can accommodate large or small groups.We also provide Adventure tours that take us further afield as well as multi day tours. Drop us a line if you have any questions. We are here to give you the Experience of a Lifetime.

                                  (Family and Group rates are now offered)

Weird and Wacky Wonders

This tour is great for anyone who likes the

 unusual, the weird and the wacky. We've created a tour that will take you to a tiny village, a tea cup tree, a wacky rock art garden and some pretty weird sculptures, to mention a few. It is suitable for all ages and all riding abilities so sign up and lets go have a weird and wacky tour.

Distance: 15 km

Duration:  2 hours

Bike Type: Any will do

Cost: $60

Level:  Fun For All ( Easy)

Elk and Beaver Lake Trails Loop

This fantastic trails loop will take us along the peaceful Colquitz river, the scenic Elk and Beaver Lakes trails and on the famous Lochside trail. So saddle up for some good fun and great sights.

Distance: 36 km

Duration:  3.5 hours

Bike Type:  Gravel or Hybrid

Cost: $70

Level: Casually Cruising (moderate)

Lagoon And Goose

Esquimalt Lagoon has stunning views of the Olympic mountains, a lovely old Lighthouse and a Lagoon filled with a myriad of sea birds, marine life, and lined with driftwood sculptures created by local artists. We'll ride out on the Galloping Goose and return via the old railway line, the E&N trail.

Distance: 30 kms

Duration: 3 hours

Bike Type: Any will do

Cost: $70

Level: Casually Cruising (moderate)

Sidney by the Sea

This bedroom community offers lovely seaviews, walkways and a charming village. We'll spend some time

exploring by foot after an invigorating

ride through the countryside. After

lunch we'll cycle back via the Lochside trail.

Distance: 56 km

Duration: 5 hours

Bike Type: Any will do

Cost: $105

Level: Adventure for Advanced


Cities and Districts

Lets explore some the most beautiful

parts of Greater Victoria with this 

diverse route that takes us along the waterfront for magnificent views, past Garry Oak tree lined streets with grand estates in Oak Bay, around Ring road

at the University of Victoria and

through the eclectic district of Fern-


Distance: 37km

Duration: 3.5 - 4 hours

Bike Type: Any will do

Cost: $70

Level: Fun For All (easy)

         : Casually Cruising (moderate)

Cows on the Bay

 Cowichan Bay is situated Northwest

of Victoria. This quaint town has lovely views, cute shops and cafes and

requires a fun ferry ride to get there. 

We'll cycle along some roadways, hard packed trails and rolling hills through

the country.

Distance: 75 km

Duration: 6 hours

Bike Type: Any

Cost: $130 including ferry

Level: Adventure for Advanced


Seaside Lochside

The seaside route is the most popular with the locals. We'll ride along the waterfront, stopping at viewpoints

along the way.Then we'll cycle through several communities and connect up with the Lochside trail to get us back. This is a really beautiful and camera worthy route.

Distance: 45km

Duration: 4 hours

Bike Type: Road or Gravel

Cost: $85

Level: Adventure for Advanced

If you require a different type of route for your group (2 or more), we can specially design a route and timeframe to suit your needs. Just drop us an email in the contact section and we'll get back to you and take it from there. Easy Peasy. 

NOTE:  Tours are priced per person. Prices listed are for tours only.

          Helmets are mandatory in British Columbia.

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