Three Hour Tours
Trail Tour



The fantastic trail system Greater Victoria has to offer will draw you to this tour. The ride takes the group along the E&N and the famous Galloping Goose and Lochside Trails. The flat gravel route will lead you to some scenic views of Elk & Beaver Lake. 


If you want to see what Victoria's trails have to offer and love a rewarding experience, this is the tour for you.

The tour includes several short stops along the way at various points of interest but does not include a long rest stop.

Distance: 40 kilometers
Pace of 18-24 km per hour.

Bike Type: Hybrids are best but road bikes could be used.

Pedestrians and possibly horses will be along the trails and traffic will be an element of this ride. 

Food and beverages are not included and there is no official food stop, so please bring water with you as well as snacks


Note: Helmets are mandatory in British Columbia.

City Tour



Come and experience the beauty of British Columbia's capital city as you ride through several districts and local regions including James Bay, which is known for its lovely heritage homes, Fairfield, an area known for its eclectic vibe and Oak Bay and its famous palace-like estates. The ride will also take you to the University of Victoria as you take in the unique layout of ring road. We then ride through Fernwood, another unique Village as we head back to Harbour Road. 

If you love a truly unique and diverse city-dwelling experience, this is the perfect tour for you.


The tour includes several short stops along the route including various points of interest but does not include a long rest stop. 

Distance: 40 kilometers

Pace: 20-26 km per hour.

Bike Type: Road bikes or Hybrids

Food and beverages are not included and there is no official food stop, so please bring snacks and water.

Note: Helmets are mandatory in British Columbia.


NOTE: 3 hour tours are priced per person.

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