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More Day Tours

Westshore Lakes

The Westshore has a tremendous amount of greenspace. This route takes us out to the West via the Galloping Goose trail. Along the way we'll ride past two lakes, Glen Lake and Langford Lake. Both trails are pretty fun spectacular views. The way back will take us along the E&N rail trail.

Distance: 44km

Duration: 4 hours

Bike Type: Gravel or Hybrid

Cost: $85

Butchart Gardens 

The World famous Butchart Gardens is

18 km from the city so let's cycle along

the Colquitz and Inter urban trails enroute. You'll get a private tour through the gardens and a quick bite before we head back via the Lochside Trail.


Distance: 42 km

Duration: 5.5 hours

Bike Type: Gravel or Hybrid

Cost: $105 ( not including entry fee)