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Victoria & Southern Vancouver Island

We offer you a delightful choice of breath-taking cycling tours of the most popular and best-kept secret destinations across the amazing Victoria and southern Vancouver Island regions.

For an Experience of a lifetime, come ride with us.

If you like cycling like we do, then cruise our tours and come enjoy the thrill of riding some

of the most beautiful terrain, coastline, and scenery in North America. 

Our tours are designed for all levels and abilities so everyone may come and experience this beautiful city. The levels are" Fun for All", " Casually Cruising" and "Adventure for Advanced".

We offer history tours, trail tours, city tours and more adventurous tours that will satiate every palate.So choose your level and type of tour on our tour page, go to contact and we'll do the rest so you can experience our tours with ease.


                                                               Come ride with us!


2022 Tour Schedule

Weekend Tours

Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays

Weeknight Tours

7 nights per week!

So shift gears to our Tours, salivate over the smorgasboard of offerings and sign up for your favourite ride. Come Experience this great city with Experience Cycling Day Tours for an Experience you will not soon forget.